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"OMO OMO! JINJJA EXO COMEBACKE OH?" That was my first reaction xD Of course o ca't wait for them! Handsome gila mak aih do. Yes benda ni dah lama dah but yeah awesome gila! Tngok teaser dia dulu xD

Dah tngok kan? xD gentle lah Chanyeol handsome gila!! <3 haha for exotics, siapa bias korg? Comment sikit xp ha apa lagi, silakan order casing gambar bias korg, baju logo overdose n button batch gambar exo! Jebal! :> Sebelum entry ni tamat, jom usya mata jap wehoo. Mine was Chanyeol, Chen, Baekhyun and Suho oppa <3

Our leader and grandpa, Suho.

Galaxy fans and cool guy are here! Kris.

Happy virus and my bias! Chanyeol.

Cute prince n i ship baekyeol :> Baekhyun.

The best vocalist <3 Chen.

Our manly oppa, Luhan.

Yehet! Sehun.

BIG EYES HERE. Kyungsoo.

Dancing King oppa, Kai.

Our forget prince, Lay.

Our bouzi prince, Xiumin.

Panda martial arts, Tao.

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